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VISE was started in 4th October 2004. We were first in Central India to start Software Testing course. Since then itís been a long journey. Till this date more than 350 students are trained in Software Testing and Dot Net programming. 28 employees of Persistent Systems got their ISTQB certification through us. We conducted Software Testing training programme for Persistentís new recruits 3 times.

Our students were placed in some of the top companies.

In 2011 my son went to USA for doing his masters. I visited USA frequently for short duration; hence it was not possible to continue training assignments. Also I was pursuing my Ph.D. Then the place where the training institute was located i.e. Dhanwantary Hospital in Dharampeth, was closed and I had to vacate the premises. So the training was interrupted.

Now we are starting the training institute once again at new premises in Shankar Nagar, Nagpur. In all these years the testing scenario has completely changed. Mobile applications have almost taken over web applications. The tools of testing have also completely changed. Hence we had redesigned courses and now we are introducing Selenium in the testing course.

So hope this new beginning becomes successful once again.

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